image talking to people against sexual harasment.

By Faith Famous Nekesa

Evidence only shows cases of employees suing their executives for sexual harassment but not ordinary citizens. Sexual harassment is not limited to office space as it happens everywhere whether in formal or informal space. Social media has contributed greatly to this percentage hence depressed souls and high rate of suicide.

The office of the special adviser on Gender Issues states that sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances and either verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

In Kenya, sexual harassment is a criminal offence. Clause 23 of the Sexual Offences Act (2006) prohibits any person in authority or holding a public office from making sexual advances or requests. Such a person is liable to a minimum three-year jail term or penalty of not less than one hundred thousand Kenyan shillings.

image talking to people against sexual harassment.

It is also a criminal offence to indulge in the following actions according to the Act; sexual assault, attempted rape and indecent acts. These offences attract a five to a 10-year jail term.

The existence of anti-sexual harassment laws does not protect people from becoming victims.

Could it be that we have embraced and acknowledged this situation as the common saying is that’s how he is or she is and we

are used to it so the quicker you give in the easier it becomes for you.

We are better than this and we can overcome.


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