Constitutional Laws Or Community Laws

image of a motther worried and protecting her kid

By Faith Famous Nekesa

Incest is sexual relations between people who are closely related  or marriage between close relatives. In the olden days,it was apractise which was unheard of because the punishment was severe including,beaten to death or being excommunicated from the village.This was considered a taboo and it resulted to curses.

In the modern world,one could think that it is unheard of as people have been educated and know better.The laws of the country does not protect or rather interfere with  this practice as it clashes with them.

In Lurambi sub county,Peggy Anganya,took it up on herself to protect the lives of innocent children.She runs a center, Springs of Life Child Rescue Center, which acts as a home for those who have been rejected by their families.People with good hearts do exist,one could say as it is not easy to run such facilities as it can also result to your excommunication or name calling among other things.

image of a motther worried and protecting her kid

Peggy,understands the importance of rushing in such cases as the community laws will be adhered to whether the parties involved are willing or not as her stay in Kisumu ,Vihiga and Kakamega has taught her that no one is above the law.

Cases of children being left on maternaty beds are unnumbered.It is unexplainable the joy a mother feels once they meet their new born and share the shortest time as they have a voice at the back of their mind reminding them what will be done if they don’t follow the instructions given.

I can’t imagine the battle they go through between deciding whether to abandon their innocent child or risk being killed.It is so sad that the child is not even allowed to suckle even for five seconds as it is believed that the action would result to the curse being generated to the family of their origin.

The cure to this  ‘luswa’, taboo,is in form of herbs.The participants have to drink the mixture to purify the unborn baby and themselves or endure the punishment which will be reached on by the elders as they are the only ones with the power to deal with such cases.

The Children Act section 4(1) states that every child has the right to life.It also protects the  child from harmful cultural rites and practices.
In the recent past,the traditional laws have been regulated all thanks to Christianity,modernity and the Constitution.

We are better and heading there as one step at a time.



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