Crisis in Cuba As Protests Continue

image of cuban citizens demonstrating

By Kakai Wamukota

cuban president Miguel Diaz-Canel has blamed the us for inciting his people to continue protesting  against his government,he further added that protests has caused massive destructions since the protesters threw stones at cars and shops.earlier this week the us president joe Biden assured the people of Cuba his support,while addressing leaders from Cuba at white Biden asked the cuban government  to respect the human rights and refrain from using excessive force to thousands of protesters.

image of cuban citizens demonstrating

“Cuba people are demanding for their freedom and that must be respected,government of Cuba must refrain from violence,the us stands firmly with the people of Cuba as they seek their fundamental rights”.

The protests are as a results of poor health facilities,lack of enough medicines in hospitals,food shortages and what they term poor leadership from communist government led by president Miguel Diaz-Canel. its not exactly known for how long will the protests continue but after us president promised his support to the anti-government protesters,thousands of them flooded the streets calling for freedom and supply of enough food.the protests are happening amidst high number of deaths and increased cases of coronavirus in the country being reported.


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