Fee Hike Will Not Affect Current Students says UoN VC Stephen Kiama

image of uon main campus

By Victoria Magar

Students pursuing various academic programs at The University of Nairobi (UoN) will not be affected by the new fee structure announced by the management, Vice-Chancellor Prof Stephen Gitahi Kiama says.

Kiama, who spoke to Citizen TV on Monday, July 12, said the new measures will affect students who will be seeking admission at the university.

“The fee increment is not for the students who are currently in session. We already have a contract with them. But for those who will join in future, you must pay the new fee guidelines,” he said.

While defending the university for the new fee structure, Kiama said it is no longer tenable to run the institution with the current fee structure. He noted that they have been running into losses in the past few years, and there is a need to change tact going forward.

image of Nairobi University

“If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. But, as a university, we have decided we must pause and see what we have done well and see what we need to fine-tune moving forward,” he added.

Kiama added that the tuition fees will continue to be adjusted based on the program’s cost and, at the same time, stated that they are currently using what the government has approved. He also revealed that some courses have been scrapped off because they have attracted fewer admissions in the past few years. According to Kiama, it is no longer manageable for the university to continue offering the courses since the amount of money generated is insufficient to foot the operation costs.

His remarks came on the day that UoN Students’ Association issued a 48-hour notice to the VC to rescind the new proposed fee structure. The union said they will not manage the extra costs imposed on them, given that they are already struggling to sort their current expenses.


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