Three counties in Nyanza maintain COVID 19 Peak Threatening the Western Region

image of a covid 19 patient in an hospital

By Victoria Magar

Homa Bay, Siaya, and Kisumu counties maintained COVID-19 virus peak on Wednesday accounting for 36 per cent of national infections.

The spike of infections at the lake side region emerged after Kisumu County hosted Madaraka day celebrations early in June, with the sudden rise in infections attributed to huge crowds that were drawn by the celebrations.

Tens of cases of the Indian variant have also been recorded in Kisumu County.

Earlier on Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi said the government may be forced to enhance COVID-19 containment measures in Nyanza and Western amid a surge in infections in the two regions.

He said the national emergency response committee is deliberating ways to handle the rise in infections in the region.

image of a public health worker extracting covid 19 sample

Nairobi accounted for 25 per cent of Wednesday’s infections and the country’s positivity rate stood at 9.1 per cent.

From the 485 people who were reported to have tested positive by Ministry of Health on Wednesday, Nairobi led with 119 cases followed by Homa bay with 68 cases, Siaya 61 and Kisumu 48.

The number of who had recovered stood at 121,206 after 312 new recoveries were reported.

The country’s COVID-19 death toll remained at 3,428 as no deaths were filed, while the covid case is becoming a threat in Nyanza and Western region kenyans are not following the health regulation assuming that covid 19 does not exist.

In Bungoma county people no longer wear mask even in crowded places,social distancing does not exist any more even in the matatus and by last week the covid cases number in Bungoma was 60.

The Ministry said a total of 1,076 patients were admitted on various health facilities while 4,810 patients were on home based care.