Uhuru’s Plan to Back NASA Candidate Pains DP Ruto

image of Uhuru and Ruto

By Victoria Magar

Deputy President William Ruto has sarcastically welcomed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s plan to back a National Super Alliance (NASA) presidential candidate in the 2022 General Election.

William Ruto says he will continue with his bid for the 2022 presidency despite Uhuru’s refusal to back him,While responding to a headline in one of the local dailies that his boss will openly support one of the principals of the defunct alliance, the DP wondered what would happen to the over eight million Kenyans who sang tano tena.

The embattled politician, however, said that with the support of God he would soldier on with his race to state house.

image of the deputy president William Ruto talking to kenyans

“Eucho! Ngai fafa mwathani!! So, what happens to the Thurakus, the kumìrà kùmèrà contingent, the eight million of us?? None, no youth, no woman, no man of the eight million who woke up early and voted three times for UK/WsR ticket merit support? Sawa tu! Tutajipanga na support ya mungu (We will strategise with God’s support).”

Uhuru declared that he will pick his 2022 successor from among the NASA principals if they unite and agree on a single candidate. The declaration knocks off Ruto from Uhuru’s succession matrix despite his first term assurance that he would support him in his famous ‘yangu kumi, Ruto kumi’ quote.

For the first time, Uhuru challenged the NASA principals to unite to enhance their chances of forming the next government after his second and last term comes to an end in 2022.  Uhuru and Ruto have not been seeing eye to eye during their second term in office, with the head of state giving signals that he was politically done with his deputy.

Speaking in an interview on Thursday, April 15, Ruto said he did not give the president conditions to support him but joined hands with him because he believed they could form a partnership that could transform Kenya.

“I never gave him conditions to support him. He’s the one who said 10 for him and 10 for me. I never said that. He’s an adult who has the freedom to change his mind. “We’ll continue being friends whether he supports me or not; we’ve been together from KANU days, International Criminal Court cases and ran government together. After all, it’s Kenyans who will elect the next president. The next president will not be appointed,” Ruto stated.

The DP, who has over 20 years of experience in politics, said Uhuru had a choice to work with whoever he wished in his government.

“The style changed, and it is the prerogative of the president being the boss…Because of the change of style, priorities changed. Big Four Agenda slowed down. My space was taken up by other people… It became urgent to change the constitution.

In March 2021, Ruto said the president and former prime minister Raila Odinga would not have held high offices without his support. He asked the two political leaders to return the favour claiming they were standing on his way to state house.