Varsity students react on the proposal by the TSC to scrap the Bachelor of Education.

Kibabi university Administration block

The student council led by president Caleb Musawa has opposite the move made by the Teachers service commission to scrap  the Bachelor of Education program in Universities from September.

Kibabi university students counsel from left Caleb Musawa University students President.

They said that the teachers’ employer should consider the decision and that the action is not considering the time factor. They said that change is altering the education system which is unwelcomed by many in the system. ”Education is very important across all institutions in the country and the move should involve students opinions across the nation to give their own views” paused Allex Kimutai.

They suggested that many students who are currently studying for the Bachelor’s program in Education in all universities will be rendered jobless and it’s a waste of time and money investment to the entire nation.

According to Caleb Musawa, the student leader, many universities that were established as a result of offering Education courses in Kenya for example Kibabi University was born through the Kibabi Teachers College will lose many people such as workers, staff, and students.

Kibabi university Administration block

This act will deny the opportunity for the growing universities to develop and increase in the population.

Some of the students who are enrolled in the program come from low earning backgrounds and they are supported by the Higher Education Loans Board HELB this will deny them an opportunity to study in universities. This situation will only favor students from well-up families in the country.

The situation will contribute to the increasing of poverty in most families, parents from the low earning background only depend on the intellectuals to be employed so that they can earn a living in the society where they live.

Kibabi University Entrance

According to the change by the TSC, teachers will henceforth be expected to pursue a Bachelor of Arts course or a Bachelor of Science for a period of three years.

After attaining the degree, they will be expected to enroll in a post-graduate course for a period of one year before they are cleared to apply for the TSC number.

The move has been received by a lot of opposition from all Education stakeholders including institution owners, teachers, and students terming the action as abrupt change that will course a lot of issues ill-informed.


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