Solar energy a solution to climate change.

Solar powered pump

By Emmanuel Mukavi

The act that solar energy can produce electric power seems to be miraculous but this seem to work when applied ,its science. The solar energy is a good example of renewable source of energy in the world that majority of people have adopted in for mostly domestic and industrial use.

Solar powered pump maximises solar energy.

The use of renewable sources of energy is a little pocket friendly compared to other sources of energy that requires a lot of capital investment to manage while producing energy and maintain.

The solar energy is produced in a process for example in a solar powered pump    heater;Capturing sun rays and directly converting them into energy through photovoltaic solar panels, Capturing, collecting and turning the sunlight into heat that warms up water or air.

Solar panel

Compared to others sources of energy such as oil the effect to the environment is minimal,unlike combustion of fuel produces energy and carbon oxide which is harmful to environment.

Energy from the solar can be used to in lighting to produce light, heating water such as the solar water pumps.

Plants use light to manufacture there own food in a process of photosynthesis.

There  are other sources of producing energy such as the ;Wind power which works like the kinetic energy makes turbine spin and creates a mechanical movement .Afterward a generator transforms this mechanical energy into electricity. Examples includes the onshore winds,off shore winds and floating wind turbines.

There are other sources such as the biomas that is made up of organic materials from plant and animal that contains stored energy such as directly burning of solid like garbage.

Hydro-Electric power generating electricity directly from the Earth heat; producing heat directly from hot water boiling on the planets surface.


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