Relief to the Bungoma GK prison department on receiving laptops machine.

Bungoma Gk prison head Hassan Mukavani receives laptops from the JSC.

By Emmanuel Mukavi

The Bungoma Judicial service commission in collaboration with the Law Society of Kenya Bungoma branch donated two laptops to the Bungoma GK prison department to fill the scarcity experienced before. This comes amid the need for more gadgets to be used in the Prison department amid the Covid-19 pandemic season, this was done in a ceremony held at Bungoma law courts.

Bungoma Gk prison head Hassan Mukavani receives laptops from the JSC and Bungoma LSK.

The plunge into the onset of the Covid-19 virus affected various sectors of the country and altered the normal working in different departments of the country hence the need for use of digital pieces of equipment and machine.

The head of the Bungoma GK prison department Hassan Mkavani echoed the efforts made by the two joint on receiving the gadgets.”Thanks to the Law Society and the judiciary service commission, we were experiencing challenges in delivering our services to serve but these will help us to fill the gap in our line of duty at the start we had two and they were not enough by adding these will make huge progress in our department.

These laptops will improve our efficiency in line with our duty.

The head of station Bungoma law courts John Kingori said that they have been serving partially during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in settling court cases due to the prevailing health measures.

John King’ori-head of Bungoma law courts station during the event of donating the laptops ceremony.

He echoed the efforts and said that they had brought to the attention of Bungoma South and the joint are bold in donating the laptops. ”The cue has still been quite long for the court users committee before.” paused Kingori.

The Law Society of Kenya  Bungoma head Benjamin Otsotsi confirmed that the society remains solid to support one another despite the challenges experienced within the societies. Osotsosi said that the members should support each other amid their journey within the legal fraternity.


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