Health; Seth Panyako assures nurses of their welfare security amid pandemic.

Seth Panyako-General secretary of Kenya National Union of Nurses

By Emmanuel Mukavi

The General secritary for the Kenya National Union of Nurses Seth Panyako assured nurses that the leadership of the union will work to ensure the interests of the nurses within the country are protected. He said this during elctions of the nurses that was held in Bungoma at the Bungoma children department hospital.

Seth Panyako-General secretary of Kenya National Union of Nurses during the elections of nurses in Bungoma.

The nurses in Bungoma branch held elections to elect the positions of the branch chairman,treasurer and the branch secretary.The work of the representative is to co ordinate the activities and the programs on the behalf of the union at the headquarter.

The nurses election was to be conducted in 26th Feb but due to a technical error that occured, they were postponed to May. The union having reached to a conclusion amicablly we set to conduct elections since they were postoned in February so as  to get the new staff to coordinate us within the union said the General secretary.

Nurses in Bungoma held elections on 28th May 2021.

Panyako said that election in any organisation are conducted within the framework of its constitution and it was illegal to act against it.The elections are conducted by the national election board in any given branch.

”There is no institution in the world that does not have rules and regulations otherwise we will be encouraging lowlessness and we will be encouraging killing of the organisation” paused Panyako.

He related an incident in Kisii County where election of the nurses was cancelled in the year 2016 due to the prescence of a spam within the period of conducting elections.


The General secretary urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to hurry in allowing fund disbursments in the counties this is to facilitate health facilities to purchase the personal protective equipments used by the health frontline workers.He related an incident in Machokos County where 3 health workers died in line of their dutyduring the pandemic.

In addition, he said that  he supports the new National Health Insurance Fund policies rules as they will help to ease some of the common challlenges within the health system such as hospital bills.




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