Bungoma ; Musikoma junction hotspot for regular accidents.

Musikoma junction hotspot for regular accidents

By Emmanuel mukavi

Motors riders are now urging the government to intervene and give solution to the cause of regular accidents that are taking place within Musikoma juction.The road has no bumps and this could be a major factor for the cause of accidents within the road. Information from anynonymous sources reveal that the hotspot has recorded more than 5 accidents per month since the onset of the year.

Motor riders call for urgent solution to the cause of accidents in Musikoma junction.

The juction road connects Bungoma and Busia counties via the Boyofu route. The point is located along Bungoma-Kakamega road ,some few metres from the Dual carriage road that is underway.

Musikoma junction hotspot for  accidents along Bunoma-Kakamega road.

During the construction of the Dual carriage road ,constructors haeped the juction with the  barrier  to help in reducing the speed at which motor vehicles will start to enter the road that is underway by the county government of Bungoma ,but this has not laid effort among the motors.

”We have witnessed alot of accidents around this place and it is becoming more dangerousy for motors” Moses Wanjala the vice chairman to the bodaboda paused.Wanjala said that once he witnessed a greasy accident that involved a matatu and a bodaboda who was hit and died on spot.

On wednesday 26 May 2021, at around 8.00PM a bodaboda rider who was  overtaking a car vehicle losed control of the drive and plunged into a calvert ,the rider sustained serious injuries to a critical condition and he was rushed in Bungoma refferal hospital for immediate treatment.

They urged the Ministry of roads in Bungoma county together with the relavant stakeholders to construct bumps across the road as this could help reduce the speed of the motor vehicles along the road.

”We are urging the relavant ministry to construct bumps along this road especially this season whereby  students are back to school and here we have Musikoma Secondary and Primary students who use this road to school , this could be more risky for their safety”, paused one of the  bodaboda rider.






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