Kenya Power negligence in Bungoma

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By Victoria Magar

Barely a week now and we had two people die out of negligence in Bungoma county after being electrocuted, a young man who was a bodaboda rider and a student at kibabii university yesterday breath his last after being electrocuted while washing his motorbike at a roadside pool in Makutano.

image of the electrocuted bodaboda at kanduyi

According to the eye witness the deceased went their to wash the motorbike without knowing that their was a live electric wire that had dropped in the water that he was using to wash the motorbike.

The live electric wire dropped on tuesday evening and the residents informed the kenya power company bt nothing was done that evening instead they just went their checked and left without any action, till yesterday morning when the young man was electrocuted.

The second insident happend to their fellow colleague who was in a electric pole and was electrocuted and due to their delay to respond to the emergency, the person sucumbed to death.

As for kenya power we tried to reach them for quetioning but to no aveil but later wrote a later of condolence to the electrocuted bodaboda  family saying that they just learnt the fault after the incident and they are working closer with the police to understand exactly what happend.

image of kenya power’s letter to the citizens

Furious bodaboda people  blamed the kenya power for negligence and for not doing anything during an emergency knowing how dengerous electricity is, they said it is like their is someone who is sleeping in his or her job which the county government should check and act on it in order to save the people of Bungoma county.





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