Residents cry foul over unworthy Musikoma-Buyofu road.

Musikoma-Boyofu road unworthy for transport network


The residents of Bungoma and Busia counties are calling the government intervention following the condition of unworthy Musikoma- Buyofu road. The road contractor has abandoned the work and it is not safe for transportation activities especially during this heavy rain season that is being experienced within the region.

Traders who ferry their goods daily from Bungoma to Busia are in agony pain of incurring lose expense on transportation costs.

Musikoma-Boyofu road is not safe for the transport network.

The heavy rainfall has caused siltation of the drainage system blocking the road with mad this has affected the transport system making the road impassable by both motors and pedestrians who regularly use the route to the market.

”We thought it will be a relief to us but this one has caused us too much, by know we are not accessing the road to Busia which we opt to be our shortest route” paused Charles Lumire one of the residents.

The construction of the road was a relief since it connects Bungoma and Busia county through Mungatsi within the shortest distance unlike the road to Busia from Mumias is 52KMs.

The road was commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the year 2016 during his tour to Bungoma county. It was to connect Bungoma and Busia counties and deemed to be a major boost to the economy of the two neighbourings.

The project was intended to improve trade as well transport sector.

The construction project of the road was officially handed to by former Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka and Bumula Mp Boniface Otisiula to Gab contractors to tarmac 28KMs. It was the first-ever tarmac road in the Bumula sub-county that caused a lot of uproar in the region.

The opposition politicians said it was a hoax that the road will not be constructed.

The current state of the road that is not yet tarmacked is impassible this has caused a lot of tension among the residents who have urged the government to call back the contractors to embark on the project.