Two Cops Injured As Lorry Rams Into A Curfew Blockade On Thika Road

Thika super highway

By Victoria Magar

Two police officers sustained injuries on Monday night, after a lorry carrying rice from Thika to Nairobi rammed on their vehicle at a road block between Allsops and Rosters area, along the Thika Super Highway.

lorry that rammed the police vehicle on thika road

Kasarani Police Boss Peter Mwanzo said one officer was in critical condition,One officer sustained fractures on his both hands while the other had injuries on one of his legs.

“The car was in good conditions. The breaks had not failed,” he said. “The night operation was 90 per cent successful with no scenes.”

According to Mwanzo, the driver was drunk and committed the incident deliberately to evade the roadblock despite being an essential service provider.

“It is unfortunate he wanted to cause death yet he would have just been allowed to pass,” the Sub County Commander said.

The driver was arrested while two ladies accompanying him were taken to hospital with minor injuries.They got stuck in the vehicle for two hours and had to be rescued by a team of officers from the Nairobi fire department, police indicated.

Rescue team on thika road

The man who caused the accident was set to face charges today,police heightened night operations to enforce the 8pm to 4am curfew beginning Sunday within the five Counties declared as covid-19 disease zones.

“I urge Kenyans to adhere with the protocols. The lockdown will not last forever if we become responsible. This has been the appeal of our President. Let’s obey the law,” Kasarani Sub County Police Commander appealed.“Police are not your enemies. We just want to ensure the safety of all Kenyans.”

The move to erect roadblocks led to a major public outcry, with a section of Kenyans and lobby groups accusing police of being insensitive.

This happens while in other counties where the curfew hour is 10 pm, the police nolonger puts tight restriction and even the netizens are not following the presidents’ directives since they still walk and work even at that 10pm especially in bungoma county where things are as normal when its curfew hour.

Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai said police will continue to enforce the curfew hours, while urging Kenyans to “cooperate with the police.