William Ruto confesses he has been humiliated

Deputy William Ruto in an interview

By Victoria Magar

Deputy President William Ruto has confessed he has been humiliated by the Jubilee government, where he serves as the country’s second in command, he said this at an interview with the media yesterday.

Deputy William Ruto in an interview

Dp candidly confirmed all was not well within the ruling party and appeared isolated.Ruto regretted what he termed as unfortunate controversies, ouster plots and political backstabbing facing deputy presidents in Kenya since the country gained independence in 1963.

“Very many deputy presidents are fought. That is unfortunate. Given an opportunity, I will not allow my DP to be humiliated the way former DPs have been humiliated and the way I have been humiliated.”

The Jubilee deputy party leader, whose influence has greatly diminished in government after the March 2018 handshake between his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta and former prime minister Raila Odinga dismissed claims he had disrespected the head of state. Ruto, however, said despite his woes, he would not resign from his plum position because he was elected by Kenyans.

Image of Raila and Uhuru during handshake

“I am not yet at the point where I want to resign…Some people believe they can push me to resign, but I want to remind them that I was elected. I am not going to allow them to celebrate their effort to push me out of government,” he said.

Ruto maintains Uhuru is still his friend, the ambitious politician who has declared his interest in the 2022 presidency said he took no offence when Uhuru sidelined him from running the government and backtracked from his promise to support him for the top job.

“The role of a DP is that of principal deputy to the president. My role is to advise the president. He has many advisors, and he chooses who advises him and who he consults. There has been a narrative built because the president said, yangu kumi, ya Ruto kumi (10 for Uhuru and 10 for Ruto)…The president is an adult; he can change his mind…I will not take offence as he owes me nothing…The president remains my friend whether he supports me or not…”

Ruto had in the same interview sneered at senior Jubilee Party officials over their ‘poor’ management of the ruling outfit.The besieged politician insisted Jubilee Party had been taken hostage and dismembered by some officials whom he claimed were not sober.