Maureen Katila freed on bail

image of Maureen Katila


By Victoria Magar

image of Maureen Katila

Maureen Katila who is a female activist in bungoma county has been released today on bail of 30,000 ksh after being arrested yesterday evening at her shop.

indication of the bail reciept

She was arrested for allegedly abusing cs Collins Mukhongo who is a minister of roads in bungoma county, according to the police Maureen was arrested for posting information in the ”county flash” social media platform the information which was deroragatory, abusive, vulgur and disrespectful.

indication of the reasons of arrest

Since her arrest yesterday it kept people talking on social media pages, some positively and some negatively about the issue, and even other activists joined in support of Maureen by pleaing for her release.

Mr zachariah Baraza who was in support of Maureen and he is a C.E.O and libarator in Bungoma County was the one who paid bail for her and in addition to that he hired a lawyer for her who will represent him in the case since the case is still in court.

After her release Maureen Katila spoke to the press and said that those where allegations which are not true and according to her she said that what made her to be arrested was that she distrubuted food to the less fortunate and was also planning to distribute to the widows too this coming weekend.

”the allegations in court are not true, i was arrested for distributing food to needy and even i was planning to go and vist the widows and give them food to help them support their families”

According to Katila’s supportes they say this is a political war in the county of Bugoma against the political activists.The matter as per now is in court awaiting hearing.