Denmark suspends the distribution of the AstraZeneka vaccine

Bungoma residents get the jab

By Victoria Magar

Denmark has suspended the distribution of the covid-19 vaccine AstraZeneca from Oxford due to the reports of the side effects of blood clotting,Denmark is the first country in U.S.A to suspend the vaccine, this step will delay the immunization programm by several weeks.

AstraZeneca vaccine

The European Medicine Agency last week announced the posibility of blood clotting effect associated with the vaccine, but said the risk of dying from covid-19 was high,despite the side effects.

Several European country initially annuonced a temporary moratorium on immunization.

Many have started reciving the AstraZeneca vaccine including the African countries especially kenya, in Bungoma county people have been reciving the vaccine though in small numbers due to fear of the side effect, but so far in bungoma county there is no report on deadly side effect like blood clotting.

Bungoma residents get the jab

As people cuntinue to recive the vaccine the AstraZeneca vaccine experts examine its safely.