Bungoma ; ”Reckyless” behind surge of Covid-19 cases.


By Emmanuel Mukavi

Bungoma county commisioner Samuel Kimiti hits out on the Covid-19 health protocal defiers as a major contribution of the spread of the deadly virus. Speaking to the press in Bungoma the Cc warned that anyone found breaking the covid health rule will be held accountable as per the law.

Bungoma County Commisioner Samuel Kimiti.


The officer said that ,combating Corona Virus is a collective responsility to each and every citizen of this nation.”Going forward everyone should put on his face mask as directed by the health officials and learn to be our brothers keeper in combating the disease” said Kimiti.

Some churches in Bungoma county have abided to the regulations a part from few which have defied the regulations. Recently a few people from Bungoma county have reluctantly observed the measures such as putting on face masks and they go to an extend of wearing masks to their chin instead of the nose.

He assured candidates that exams will go on as scheduled by the ministry of Education since all learning institutions have adhered to the protocals regarding the health regulations.All sporting activities were cancelled due to overcrowding that could attract the spread of the Virus.

Regarding funerals, a maximum of 15 people are allowed to participate and  that family members will do better in funeral services alone than attracting unneccessary crowds. He urged people to support funerals  by sending their contributions through phones as an alternative measure to reduce the infections.

His sentiments were echoed by Governor Wangamati who urged Bungoma residents to stay in focus as the county government fights in safegurd of the life of it’s people.According to the health sources ,in 2020, 650 people tested positive , 16 succembed to death while in 2021 ,110 test positive, 7 succembed to the virus and the positivity rate is 20% compared to last year which was 13%. This brings a surge of the virus within Bungoma.

Bungoma Governor, Wycliffe Wangamati during the presser

This comes amid the increase of the Covid-19 cases in Bungoma county in 2021 as compared to the last year.The most prone area in Bungoma county is along Bungoma -Malaba highway due to the prescence of the track drivers who ferry cargos across the East Africa countries from Mombasa in Kenya.

Governor Wangamati said that Bungoma county is looking forward to end the vaccination programme that started few weeks ago, to date about 12000 people have been vaccinated across all county hospital.