Traders:Suspend tax levies on small businesses.


By Emmanuel Mukavi

Traders along Bungoma based open-air Chebukube market urged Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to suspend tax on small enterprises citing that the trading activities along the market have been interffered by the devasting effects of the Covid-19 virus.

Effects of Covid-19 on trades,Bernard Makokha chairperson Chebukube market- PHOTO BY CGN

The market recorded a decrease in the number of customers  due to the fear of contacting Covid-19 virus which had claimed live in the entire globe.

Bernard Makokha  the chairman for Chebukube market echoed the efforts laid by the traders to request the head of the devolved unit to uplift the levies as a way to safeguard them. ”We have been operating under huge loses since the onset of the Covid-19 disease and it’s time the County government should  work on relieving traders within this market” paused Makokha.

The county government of Bungoma started the project to buld the market stalls  at the famous Chebukube market where traders used to operate their business activities.This came as a measure to decongest the traders  alongside the road and also create enough space for everyperson to operate freely since they were operating in a  squeezed environment.

Chebukube market project by the County government of Bungoma to decongest traders along the market.

Economies around the globe have suffered huge loses since the attack of the deadly virus in the globe despite the measures undertaken to revamp the economic sectors.President Uhuru Kenyatta laid measures to contain the Covid-19 in Kenya which led to the partial lockdown of the five counties.

The measures are aimed at suppresing the daily increasing curve of the Virus in the country.

Governor Alfred Mutua recently suspended the tax levies to small business within Machakos County as a way to cushion residents from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.