Shocking Characteristics among Monkeys’


By Mercy Wangila

Many times when people will be warned not to behave like animals. Animals especially those that live in bushes and forests are known to behave irresponsibly and above all wildly. Neither do they apply sense that is common to all just like human beings do in their day-to-day activities? Come to think of these creatures called monkeys. Monkeys and human beings have got a lot in common. You might have knowledge about some characteristics but not all of them.

Here some of the characteristics I believe you didn’t have an idea about.

First of all, monkeys specifically chimpanzees have got their own System of Governance. They do choose one of the members to become their leader. This member should be male. The male leader always carries a small chopped stick under one of his forearms. The stick symbolizes power. The major role of the ruler is to alert others whenever danger arises. For instance, when he detects danger, he rises alarm to the rest of the members ensuring that all the young ones are in front for security purposes and then the rest follows.

War unto the leader if loses the power stick. He will be beaten mercilessly for being careless immediately, another male will be crowned as king.

However, it’s a must that the lost twig is looked for and handed over to the new leader. If it happens that some human being took it home, then they will violently follow the person to their home, attack them, and takes the stick back.

Eating habits are another feature that is common between the two creatures. They can pluck fruits and eat them. They can also store them for ripening. The stored fruits then checked three days after to find out if they ready to eat.

Monkeys have got also a very powerful instinct to discover poison in the food. They will come, sniff onto the food, and walk away.

When one of them dies, they come together for mourning which is done three days just like people do. They then go away and come back days later in memory for the late and finally, they leave for good.

Any member of the community with any kind of disability is considered a curse. Such a member is excommunicated.