Unique features you need to know about Lorio


By Mercy Wangila

Tourism is one of the commercial organization that earns Kenya a great income. In Kenya cities like Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and towns like Nakuru, Naivasha and Kitale just to mention are the most popular centres of attraction. Launching such an organization has never been a joke. No wonder it’s done by the government in most cases because of the expenses that might be incurred in the course of running. Only a few can think of starting such a business solely. Here is a private property that will soon be launched as a tourist site.

Ever heard of a place called “Lorio?”Lorio means a big stone and it’s located in Luucho Area in Bungoma County “Luucho meaning wind. The area has got so many rocks but only one outstands the others. Whenever people visit this place, they always land on it first. It’s a very big stone with around 5 metres by not less than 20 metres dimension not forgetting the cool breeze. On top of it is a crater that is ever filled with water. Residents believe that the water source connects with the largest lake in Kenya Lake Victoria and that when one happens to drop into that depression, then they disappear for good or their carcasses are picked from the lake. A grave in which one of the victims was buried could be seen.


Even though the place hasn’t been officially launched as a tourist site, people from regions flock in to enjoy the charming scenery, others come to get stressfree, some come to pray while others come to confirm whether what they have been told is actually true. The Saboat is the best example of the communities that came to pray around the depression and to date, the norm still is practised. The residents believe that God does respond to their prayer in no time when they do it here.

Around the big rock is a wall that was built by the current senator Moses Wetangula. The wall was built to prevent water from flooding people,s land whenever the depression outflows. Instead, the water channels into a pool just constructed at the edge of the rock. The pool is meant for swimming.


The presence of monkeys in the forest, and the several incomplete buildings set up five years back by Wetangula before embarking onto the political ship are meant to be resting rooms for tourists when the place officially launches.


Back then. Around 2 decades ago, two communities the Saboat and the Bukusu used to reside in caves under the rocks. Remains of firewood are still there, fireplace intact, stones that were used as seats, tables and beds were intact is well.

Later on, the two communities fought and the Saboat migrated to the present day Mt. Elgon leaving the Bukusu behind. This is how the land was sold to Moses Wetangula.