Micheal Koloboy vow to support needy students.




By Alpha Darwin

Kimilili mp aspirant Mr Michael Koloboy has finally Spoke on him helping the needy students while there are bursaries in kimilili constituency. Speaking to county guardian newspaper he said that he has so many cases of the student coming to him and complaining about being ignored by the current Didmus Barasa administration and that is the reason he decided to come out and help those who are crying for justice in kimilili.

Mr Koloboy said; “My agenda for kimilili is women and youth empowerment, creating opportunities for our youth and women, accountability and transparency of public resources including CDF funds, improve education, creating scholarship for bright students from needy families apart from the usual bursaries from CDF which currently are not benefiting deserving student, improve roads and work with organised community groups to improve their livelihood by supporting income-generating activities, opportunities for the youths outside the country through linkage with the friendly countries, help farmers improve inputs using the now shrinking land size due to population growth and land subdivision, turn kimilili into a business hub to serve neighbouring counties and areas thus create opportunities for our people, build more technical schools to absorb the youth coming out of school to sharpen their skills for self employment and enhancing their employability and many more other things on the table. Tackle corruption and distribute resources to all wards in an equitable manner across the constituency, community involvement in development matters including the youth representation on CDF committee, nurturing and supporting talents among the youth through establishing academies and financial support.”

Here is a picture of Mr Koloboy being endorsed by Basaba clan members in July 2020 as they wait for his expected arrival early this year