Decentralize teachers pension scheme says Ang’urai East Mca Joab Oteba.



The member of the County assembly Emuria East Joab Oteba urged the government through the teachers’ employee, Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to decentralize the pension scheme service meant for teachers after their retirement time.

He said this in Sinoko village Kanduyi constituency Bungoma, during the burial ceremony of Anne Emuria the former deputy of St Peters Namunyiri Secondary school.

The mass was attended by all dignities from across the country including public servants and private sectors who eulogized the late Emuria as a person who was dedicated to serving his duty both as a teacher and a caring parent.

“The TSC should decentralize the teachers’ pension money and bring near to a devolved unit such as the County level, this will make services easily accessible by teachers who go to seek their money after retirement” paused the member of the County Assembly.

According to Mr. Oteba, the procedure to acquire money from the commission is tiresome and tedious making it difficult for some to get their money.”It is demanding to travel from this place all the way to Nairobi to look for money instead the service could be brought near like Bungoma so that we can access it easily.

Oteba said that he knows of some of the teachers who had died amid their journey to look for their retirement money and it was time for the Teachers service commission to consider teacher’s welfare amid their struggles.

With the BBI, the member said that it was time for the citizens to read and understand the document on their own. ”The responsibility to vote yes or No lays in the hand of the Kenyans citizens not we as the member of the County Assembly” said Oteba.

His remarks were echoed by Arnold Nyongesa Secretary Kuppet Bungoma schools who said that the procedure to acquire the pension money was challenging to the deceased families who are supposed to benefit from the amount.

”This scene can contribute to the breaking of carrier among young members left by their parents in the society” said Nyongesa. He urged the government to extend the service near access by the beneficiaries to reduce the unnecessary conjunctions.

”Our worry as the KUPPET union is that the carries of the kids left by the deceased are going to break due to delayed payment of the pension money” said Nyongesa.

He urged all education stakeholders through the Ministry of Education and parents in Kenya to have discussions over student unrest that has seen schools burning in Kenya. The unrest behavior in schools is rampant this action has resulted in damage to school properties and millions of money loosed as a result of the fire.

A number of schools in Bungoma county have lost their property as a result of fire outbreak including St Lukes boys high school, Chesamisi, Bukembe, and recently Teremi boys high school.