KNUT: President to intervine KNUT-TSC dispute

KNUT boss Wilson Sossion addressing the journalists at Knut offices in Nairobi

Bungoma East, Kenya national union of teachers (Knut) branch executive
secretary Aggrey Namisi has called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to
intervene and resolve a dispute between the union and teachers service
commission (TSC) alleging that the commission has been abusing
teachers and contributing to their early deaths due to stress.

Speaking at the burial ceremony of Rose Khayele, Matulo ward, Webuye
west constituency, the branch secretary accused TSC of ignoring
teachers’ interests; including promoting them, which he said was
contributing to the crisis.

Namisi said TSC and KNUT were two autonomous and interdependent
entities in the education sector and none had the moral authority to
undermine or rule over the other to an extent of subjecting teachers
to unnecessary suffering.

The unionist criticized the TSC’s move to require teachers to attend
CBC sessions and training on weekends, saying the TSC was using the
move to harass teachers in the country.

In a related development, Knut has raised alarm over the safety of
students and teachers against the coronavirus, saying the government
through the ministry of education has not put in place adequate
strategies to combat the virus in schools.

He called on the government to ensure it provides equipment to protect
itself from the virus, including parasites, to prevent the spread of
the virus.