“I will accept elections results”-President Museveni tells Ugandans.


By Emmanuel Mukavi

14th Jan 2020.

The long term serving Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni told CNN News that he will accept the election results in a televised interview.”I will accept the results of course Uganda is not my house I have my own house to do my own things if Ugandans do not want me to help them with their issues I will go and deal with my personal issues very happily” paused Museveni.


This comes amid the question about the long term serving years of president Museveni in  Uganda. He marks about 35years of leadership since he defeated Milton Obote from power in 1986. Together with his armies Museveni managed to throw away Obote and took the seat in hand.

Museveni received strong opposition rule from the energetic pop star musician Robert Kyagulanyi popularly known as Bobi Wine who is 38 years old. Bobi wine campaigned with the National Unity Platform (NUP) in a journey to unseat President Museveni’s reign in Uganda and had the toughest political climate to endure his ambitions.

Bobi Wine gained many youth supporters in the campaigns that saw at least 52 people die during the riots exchange with the police in Uganda. Kyakulanyi advocates for freedom from Museveni’s power which he terms as the dictatorship due to excessive use of force by police officers to suppress his supporters.

On 14th Jan 2021 Ugandans exercise their democracy to elect their desired president amid the stained campaigns; the internet blackout was ordered by the Ugandan government. The government ordered the server provider to shut down the internet hours before the onset of the election exercise.

The news sources indicate that the Ugandans will vote amidst Internet blackout. President Museveni confirmed the Internet shutdown of all social media platforms ahead of the Thursday elections.

President Museveni’s effort to maintain his dictatorship rule in Uganda changed the age limit to endless and two-term rule. Museveni has ruled Uganda with the National Resistance Movement and sources indicate that he still maintains a weird plan to rule Uganda forever.

Bobi wine had raised complaints ahead of the 14th Jan poll about not being just and fair due to Museveni”s war on social media platforms and excessive use of force to handle his allies. Bobi wine had accused the Ugandan police officers of interfering with his peaceful campaigns that led to tear-gassing his supporters and injuring some of his allies.

Musician and opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine during the press conference.

The latest incident saw the Ugandan police forces raided Bobi Wine’s home two days before the election. President Museveni defended the scene when he was asked in the televised interview as an effort to defend the law and protect riots in a Democratic country such as Uganda.