Bungoma based- Enterprenuer urge youths to embrace Jua kali industry.

Both secondary and primary school desks

By Emmanuel Mukavi



The Bungoma based businessman Clapton Mchanga urged youths across the country to study for technical related courses in the Vocational training centers as a result of increasing job opportunities among youths.

Both secondary and primary school desks in the furniture yard.

“I urge youths to study for technical courses in the VTCs in the country to increase chances of creating self-employment” paused Mr. Mchanga.

This comes amid the increasing number of unemployment among youths in the country as a result of the devastating effects of Covid-19 in the entire country. The outbreak of the deadly Virus saw many employed people losing their jobs.  The Jua kali industry reduced abruptly as most depend on the circulation of money from various sectors.

He was awarded the tender to supply desks in both the secondary and primary schools by the government during the Covid-19 break of students from the school. I have supplied desks in Nzoia primary, Sio secondary, and Mwiruti schools.

In the last week, Education Cs George Magoha said that the government had released 500m to pay artisan who had already released desks in school. These are the efforts of the Ministry of Education to stimulate Education progress after the long break of students from schools due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Jua Kali industry has been rapidly growing in the past decades due to an increase in the demand for locally made products and also as a way of promoting the local market.