Bungoma County ; IDPs launch their grievances to the government amid the pandemic.



By Emmanuel Mukavi



The Internal Displaced People from Bungoma county urged the government to intervene and compensate the victims of the 2007/2008 post-election violence. They said this in Kimilili on 22 Dec in a meeting function that brought about more than one hundred victims of the 2007/2008 post-election violence from Bungoma county.

They were led by Godwin Karioki the chairperson of the Bungoma Integrated Displaced Persons who voiced their concerns and challenges they were undergoing amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The chairperson Mr. Karioki said that since the onset of the pandemic they have been pausing different challenges despite the promise from the government to compensate the victims.

“The government had promised to compensate the victims with two hundred thousand shillings each but only a few got fifty thousand shillings and the rest are still waiting for the money from the government” paused Mr. Karioki.

He was echoed by the IDPs coordinator Bungoma county  Hudson Wanyonyi who insisted that the government should release the compensation money to the victims since they were hit by the pandemic.” The government should give the money to the victims to sustain them so that they can buy food and also raise the fee for the learners who are about to open schools in the next year” said Mr. Wanyonyi.

This comes amid the government’s promise to compensate the victims of post-election violence victims. President Uhuru Kenyatta in the year 2017 promised that his administration will compensate the Victims.

“We understand there is the unresolved matter of IDPs. Be they in Bomet, Kericho, Nyandarua, Kisumu, Bungoma or Busia we shall compensate each of them wherever they are” said the President

According to Mr. Karioki, Bungoma county has seven thousand Internal Displaced Persons who are still waiting to be compensated. They are located in the sub-counties within Bungoma counties such as Tongaren, Kimilili, and Mt Elgon with the highest number of victims.

In addition, he warned that there are unknown people who are registering names of the IDPs laying that they will aid them to acquire the compensation money from the government. He urged the victims to keep them off and that they could fraud their properties and that they are not identified, victims nor leaders.

He was echoed by Dominic Kamau the organizing secretary and also Kimilili Ebeneezer CBO who said that the victims are experiencing a hard life to make their living amid the pandemic besides the prolonged promise from the government to pay them.

According to Mr. Wanyonyi the Coordinator in the first slot, they were given fifty thousand shillings, and the government promised to give another amount in the next phase. He urged the victims to be patient and wait for the government to release another compensation amount.