“The government should support private schools” – Urged Bishop Richard Wasike Director Rich Minister academy.


By Emmanuel Mukavi



Richard Wasike who is the Director and Bishop of the Rich Ministries Academy and also Rich Ministries Christian foundation church Bungoma called upon the government through the Ministry of education to support private schools in Kenya amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He said this during an interview with the County Guardian News crew in his office to mark since the school resumed after the government uplifted Covid-19 health rules to allow the reopening of schools in Kenya.

“The government should consider supporting private schools in Kenya since all learners belong to the state” paused Bishop Wasike.

The government through the Ministry of Education ordered the reopening of schools in Oct 2020, this came after the easing of the Coronavirus health protocols. The education stakeholders are pausing challenges to run schools amid the pandemic which is not expected to end soon.

According to Bishop Wasike, the journey in the running of the private schools in Kenya has not gained full support from the government. He claimed that the responsibility has been directed to the school owners who have little resources to run activities in the entire school.

He added that pending bills in school such as electricity, buying foodstuff for the students, and paying teachers as a challenge to all private schools in Kenya. He called upon parents and other education stakeholders to coordinate so as to support the performance of learners.

The Covid-19 break for schools was long in the academic calendar 2020 and learners wasted a lot of time during the break since most did not attend class programs.

As the Bishop, he warned church leaders against inviting politicians in the church services who could lead to violence amid the Christmas celebrations. He recalled the scene that happened in the Bungoma Catholic church where  Ford Kenya allies fought during the mass service in a chaotic that left many with injuries.

Besides, he insisted that parents should care for their children especially the girlchild who are at risk to get early pregnancies during the Christmas holiday.” Parents have a responsibility to care and protect their kids at home so that they can not involve in immoral activities which could interfere with their studies at school” said Bishop Wasike as he wished a happy Christmas to the entire Christians in the country.