Bishop Mechumo sends message to Kenyans a head of Christmas.

Bishop George Mechumo during a press release at Bungoma county commisioner's office

By Emmanuel Mukavi



The Bungoma-based clergy Bishop George Mechumo of ACK church  Bungoma urged Kenyans to celebrate the Christmas holiday with great care amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He said this on Saturday 12th during a church function service after he presided over a wedding ceremony that was hosted in the ACK church.

Bishop George Mechumo during a press release at Bungoma county commissioner’s office

This comes amid the increase in the number of Covid-19 virus infection in Kenya. Despite the efforts being laid by the government to contain the Covid-19 disease, he added that Kenyans play a vital role to control the spread of the deadly disease by ensuring health protocols are strictly followed.

He warned people against involving in unnecessary leisure activities and travels that could lead to an increase in the rate of infections in the country.” The celebrations of different ceremonies in the past days have changed due to the presence of Coronavirus in the world.

Today being a Jamhuri day holiday celebrations, he attributed the government development programs such as infrastructure, education, change of technology that has eased communication among people since the country gained its independence in the year 1963.

He called upon Kenyans to uphold peace and unity as they near the new year 2021 and insisted on the need to share during the celebration as a way to show generosity.

In addition, he said that the entire church had got a blow in the change of the celebrations norms due to the invade of Covid-19.” We as Christians we have to adjust our normal celebration events in the church since we must bid the curfew hours and ensure a maximum number of persons is required in the church service” paused Bishop Mechumo.