Western based motor Company unveils new brand motor bikes.


Emmanuel Mukavi

The western based motor company SonLink in Bungoma launched new motor brands the Son Link A1, the 100cc, A2, KD, KC, and M1 motors across its market branches in Western region.

The company operates in three western counties Bungoma, Busia and Kakamega counties respectively.

Mr. Simiyu Denis the sales manager insisted that a good businessman operates by making a profit. The company started in the year 2016 with an aim of making profits to expand its branches across the region.

They specialized in selling of motor bicycle Tuktuk and spare parts .The major reason behind this is due to the prescence of ready market which leads to a high demand of the machine goods.

According to the manager, most customers buy motor bicycles to engage in commercial business such as bodaboda and transportation of light goods.

The company offers its services in two forms the cash and payment through installments. The installment is paid upon an agreed period of time in which the customers is allowed to pay his or her money to complete the agreed amount.

The most customers are youths who prefer to purchase on loans, this is to allow more time to pay their amount. The youths most prefer to use bodaboda to ferry goods and passengers to pay back their loans

During the Covid-19 season the number of customers decreased due to the existence of tough measures aimed to contain the Virus. The decrease was due to partial lockdown in the country that led caused many small and large scale business.

The company laid measures such as allowing workers to operate from home, this reduced the number of persons working in the office to reduce the chances of contracting Covid-19 disease. They installed sanitizing boots together with running water and soap for cleaning of hands while entering or leaving the office.