Bungoma County; Institute supplies hand based sanitizers amid Covid-19.

Hand washing Sanitizers


By Emmanuel Mukavi

Kisiwa Technical Training Institute in Bungoma County started manufacturing sanitizers since the outbreak of Covid-19 in Kenya. The production process started after the government via the Ministry of Health instructed people to use sanitizers in washing hands and ordered people to wear masks while in public as a containment measure for the Covid-19.

Kisiwa Technical Training Institut

In an interview with the County Guardian News, the Deputy Principal administration in Kisiwa Institute Charles Opiyo and director of studies Magero Makaka said that the whole process began immediately after Covid-19 was recorded in March 2020.


They collaborated from various departments in the entire Institute such as the science department, human resource, together with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to come up with a working formula to achieve the process.

The Institute started making sanitizers for the first time and took it in Eldoret for satisfaction by the Kenya Bureau of Standard(KEBS).”We managed through the Income Tax and applied for an exercise duty exemption to get ethanol from the source Mumias sugar company at an affordable price” insisted Mrs. Makaka.

The raw material for the manufacture of sanitizer is ethanol, distilled water, glycerine, and hydrogen peroxide which the Institute assembled before the onset of the manufacturing process.

The detergent is made up of two types namely; jell and aqueous which are 70%and 75% concentrations respectively. The two sold at different prices for aqueous is Ksh.420 and jell  Ksh.350.

She added that besides sanitizers the Institute also made masks which were given free to both students and staff.

The deputy principal Mr. Charles Opiyo affirmed that the Institute was well prepared in terms of meeting Covid-19 containment measures.” We started by fumigating all lecture rooms before and after classes, scheduled learning in shifts, installed sanitizing boots in entry points, and arranged lecture rooms in space of 1.5m” said Mr. Opiyo.

The Institute had prepared all learning materials in place such as the arrangement of the library to accommodate the minimum number of students at a time.