Bungoma County;Market run out of water supply service for 5 months.

Water a big challenge in Chepkube open- air market

By Mukavi Emmanuel

Business people in the Chepkube market in Bungoma county are striving to get water service which has become a big challenge in their daily activities. In an interview with the County Guardian News, they said the water service served only from April to July and ceased for the following months from July.

chepkube open-air market


They were led by Robert Maxwell the chairperson of Chepkube open-air market to loud their voice to the relevant county government ministry to act immediately towards the water crisis to have a long-term solution.

“We started our activities since the government eased Covid-19 restrictions to continue with our businesses here in the market but water has become a big challenge,” insisted Mr. Maxwell.

He added that they had made efforts to reach the county government Ministry of water to launch their issue concerning water shortage but they did not get a  solution to address their challenge despite promises.

Business housed under the shed

“I urge the area MP  Wafula Wamunyinyi and Governor Wycliffe Wangamati to come and intervene through this challenge and safeguard us from the menace as water is essential in this market,” said the chairperson.

They urged the County government to support in buying sanitizers, provide water and masks to protect them from the spreading Corona Virus disease. “Our sanitizers were exhausted in April the last time we received from the County Commissioner’s office and we have received any more,” said Mr. Maxwell.