“Support students in achieving education” urges school principal.


By Emmanuel Mukavi,


The principal  Sichei Secondary school Mr Orikodi Fedrick urged the parents and teachers to engage students especially candidates in guiding and counselling session.

Orikodi Fredrick at his office speaking to CGN

The principal said this in his office during an interview with the County Guardian News to mark the reopening of students since their break from school in March 2020.

The Ministry of Education announced the reopening of school for Grade 4, Std 8 and Form 4 students on 12th October 2020. Teachers obeyed the order and opened schools according to the guidelines given by the Ministry to observe Covid-19 rules such as wearing the mask and keeping social distance.

The heads in both primary and secondary schools found more challenges in running schools amid Corona Virus pandemic.

I urge all education stakeholders including teachers and parents to support students and guide them how they can coup up with the prevailing condition as they prepare to sit to the national exam.

The head remarked that his school opened and registered about 99% of students turn out from their break since March in the first term. He said that students were eager to study since they lost much time at home from the break due to Covid-19 Virus.

Sichei secondary school academic square

“We are ready to resume and take over from where we left by ensuring we cover all our syllabus within time” insisted Mr Orikidi.                                                                       He added that teachers had already responded to the announcement from the Ministry and reported in school to prepare students for learning.

He attributed the government for supporting the school to build new classes which will help students to study within a conducive learning environment as they prepare for the exam.

The government built new modern classes in a mission to support Education in the school a few months before the school reopened.

The principal called upon parents to facilitate students in the school with the support of essentials items mostly girls who had gone through challenges while schools had closed due to Covid-19.

“It’s the responsibility of all parents to provide support to students while in school to facilitate easy running of the school programmes,” said Mr Orikodi.