Bungoma County; Relief as street youths benefit from donor.

Photo By CGN
Trolleys being donated to street children.

By Emmanuel Mukavi,

Today, more than fifty youths converged in Bungoma airstrip to receive free donations from Pst Joseph Mukolwe of Restoration Centre of Hope Bungoma.

The outbreak of COVID-19 in Kenya in March come alongside with economic crisis in the World. Most developing countries were in financial strain to revamp the economy since macro and micro business encountered big losses.

Photo by CGN
some of the tools donated by Pst Joseph Mukolwe.

Life had become abnormal since Covid-19 required great care to control.                        The street life paused a lot of challenges like any other persons, Pastor Mukolwe decided to support youths who were over eighteen years by giving them trolleys.

“The number of children living in the street should be supported and maximum attention to support them” insisted Pst Mukolwe.                                                                             The priest narrated his experience in his mission of mercy towards supporting vulnerables in the society as an epic.

Photo by CGN

Ten youths receved trolleys to help them engage in small busineses such as transporting small goods around the town centre.

This was done as a measure to help create more job opportunities and make them earn a living.

The County Guardian News had a previllage to Interview one of the youth who had benefited from the programme.

“Today I’m happy to receive a trolley, this will support me to engage inferring goods around Chepkube market and get the money that will sustain me,” said Emmanuel.

Photo by CGN

He attributed the efforts that Pastor Mukolwe had mad in supporting them in their street journey by acknowledging his support.

The priest supported more than 30 youths to join schools in an effort to rehabilitate them and vowed to support more kids to join learning centres.” We have started with ten by giving them trolleys and we opt to help more by giving them essential goods” paused Pst Mukolwe.