Meet clergy behind succes of street families in Bungoma.

Pst Joseph Mukolwe nursing sick street boy at his home in Bungoma


Have you ever thought of street families,? Pastor Joseph Mukolwe of Restoration center of hope in Bungoma county has changed the life of street families in Bungoma County.

The number of street families in Kenya had increased in the past decades due to urbanization in the past years. The increase ascends from major cities in Kenya such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru.

The number of people migrating from rural to town centers to seek jobs had flatted and increased the population in urban areas.


Pst Joseph Mukolwe nursing a sick street boy; photo CGN

Pastor Mukolwe the former clergy in Mumis started his journey of charity-based support to street children in Bungoma town since 2008 up to date.
The County Guardian Newspaper had an exclusive interview with the priest at his place and shared a lot. ” My journey started on Sunday, Jan 18, 2009, when I saw street children hanging around garbage collecting centers opposite Bungoma coast bus office,” said Mukolwe.

Pastor Mukolwe engaged the street children in a conversation and wanted to explore more about the entire life in the streets of Bungoma and their challenges.
The clergy caught compassion towards the kids and decided to make arrangements to look for a better place to host those kids who were walking downtown hopelessly.

He tried to enquire why the children were in street and they responded giving different answers;
Some said they were rejected by parents, family conflicts between parents at home, the influence of alcohol in the family such as drunken parents, and more.

He decided to have a place in Sikata in Bungoma County where he started hosting children from the streets.

Pst Joseph Mukolwe nursing sick street boy at his home in Bungoma

Pastor Mukolwe added that he had raised children and natured them to different levels until they change from street to normal life. He gave a good example that his role model child had been succeeding to be the school heads in Sikata primary school for a long time.

He had taken 2 in Kisiwa polytechnic,7in class eight,6 in high school, opened up micro business for a few, and the rest taken in primary school for learning.
When we asked about his source of income Pastor Mukolwe cleared that he had never received any support from the government nor any leader despite his support from his major friends from Australia.
He urged leaders to support street life since all life is equal before God.” Children are gifts from God and deserve all measures to be respected” insisted Pastor Mukolwe.

He paused some challenges about his missionary towards supporting street families. He said that most street children are boys, little resources in running activities since it requires a lot of money to run activities.

He urged the government and other Non-Governmental Organisations to consider the life of the boychild since most organizations are supporting girls.” Today boys are not considered at large in the society and this has led to the negligence of boychild care and love as per the norms of the family” said Pst. Mukolwe.

He urged everyone to; have compassion on street life since all kids in the streets were from society and have a collective responsibility towards caring for them.