Bungoma County Government has run out of Covid -19 testing kits.

photo courtesy of hospimedia.com

By Mercy Asami,


Bungoma County Government has run out of Covid -19 testing kits. This has raised the eyebrows of Bungoma residents who claim to be at risk of contracting the virus.

Cs of Health Dr. Antony Walela has requested the National Government to fund the County so as to curb the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Nehema Institute Bungoma a private college, its school coordinator has said that the institution is at a high risk of contracting the virus because they depend on the county government funds.

photo courtesy of hospimedia.com

Not every student can manage to buy facemasks every day that means most of them will be forced to reuse them and according to the rules and regulations, may lead to the increase of the virus.

On the other hand, Yona Kundu who is a doctor at the Mission Of Mercy Hospital Bungoma has also urged the national government to act on funding the county because of how the pandemic is spreading is at a high rate and the county has got insufficient isolation center.

As the ministry of health directs everyone should put on a mask, maintain social distancing, wash hands, and all in all observe your health conditions, By doing that we will be able to overcome the deadly covid -19.