Schools run out of funds amid reopening.

students maintain 1.5m rule in class

By Mukavi Emmanuel,


The Ministry of Education announced the reopening of schools from Grade 4, Std 8, and form 4 students in the mid of October 2020.                                                                The headteachers reopened schools ready to cover studies from where they had left since march due to the break of the Covid 19 case in Kenya.

Mr. Boniface Nabangi the headteacher in  Kimugui high school paused challenges in conducting activities in the middle of the Covid-19 economic hit.

Mr. Boniface Nabangi -headteacher in office

In an interview with the County Guardian News in his office, the head shared with us his experience in running the school in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

”The ministry ordered teachers to reopen schools but we have done but know the biggest challenge is running the entire institute without money” he paused.                                Mr. Nabangi agreed to obey the order by the ministry but seems to have shortcomings from carrying activities within the institute.

The head urged the ministry of Education to release money that had been allocated to schools to facilitate activities for both teachers and students.                                         He narrated that the money could be used in buying sanitizers and meals for the school which he said was almost exhausted in the store.

He further insisted that parents should pay fees in time by depositing the money in the school account to facilitate the smooth running of activities in the institute.

He warned parents that they should not wait for teachers to sent students home for fees since learners had limited time to cover their syllabus. ”The term is almost finished and we need to cover the academic syllabus before the onset of exams” said the principal.

”We have prepared as the school by maintaining hygiene in school by wearing masks, cleaning the classrooms, installing sanitizing points, and maintaining the social distance rule of 1.5m in both classroom and staff” said Mr. Nabangi.


students maintain 1.5m rule in class.

He requested students who had not yet opened Form 1,2 and 3 to continue studying while at home and maintain discipline as they wait for the official announcement from the Ministry of Education as to when they will resume in school.