covid 19 cases hit 15 in kenya as eight more cases are confirmed

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe


Kenya has confirmed eight more cases of covid 19, raising the total number of confirmed cases to fifteen.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe confirmed the new cases on March 22 and issued new directives.

According to the health CS, The government has suspended all international flights from from Wednesday march 25

Out of the eight new case, five are Kenyans and three are foreigners according to the CS

“Five of the new victims are kenyans while three are foreigners,” he said.

The government is tracing the 363 people that came into contact with the new cases.

PSVs are also expected to adhere to directives issued on Friday march 20, failure to which their licences will be revoked

Weddings, birthday parties and ‘disco matangas’ are banned

Bars should be closed by today, Sunday midnight. Restaurants can remain open but offer take away services only.

“We want to avoid social distancing totally and restaurants should only offer take away services,” Kagwe said

When asked about revealing the identity of the victims, health CS said that they will not reveal the names now.

However, he said that all the individuals who fail to quarantine themselves when demanded to will have their names revealed.

“We cannot reveal their identities now to due to health policies. However, those who fail to quarantine themselves when asked to shall definitely be revealed,” he said

He also added that all victims are in stable condition.

Kagwe urged kenyans to strictly follow the directives, saying covid 19 is not a joke and failure to adherence might increase the numbers dramatically.

“This pandemic is not a joke. If we do not follow these guidelines, the same thing that sis happening to other countries will happen to us,”

Interior PS Karanja kibicho asked citizens to abide by the directives, saying that tjose who do not follow them will be punished by the law.

“These directives must be followed strictly. Funerals must be attended by a maximum of 15 close family members,” he said.

he also urged national government officials under the ministry of interior to enforce the directives issued.