Naitiri Old boys behind success of the School

a section of Naitiri boys alumni at a funeral in Mbakala


Naitiri boys secondary school has recorded a remarkable improvement in performance. In 2019 KCSE, the school posted good results recording a mean score of 6.1 and ranked position 1 in Bungoma North and position 10 in Bungoma County.

The school has an outstanding alumni association that started a journey to ensure the school improves its status from a struggling day school with low population, high rates of indiscipline and low performance back in 2010.

Formed in 2011, Naitiri boys alumni association has seen to it that the school has upgraded in terms of discipline, academic performance, school population and general face lift.

According to the association chairperson Mr. Richard Makhakha the state of the school is what motivated the old boys to mobilize people and resources to boost the school.

“The school had gone down. It even become a day school with a population of about 100 students. This really moved some of us and we saw it was necessary for us to mobilize former boys to support our school,” noted the chairperson.

Through the association, the school has been able to invite motivational speakers from all over the country which has helped in reducing cases of indiscipline.

“We invite members of our association to come and talk to ours students. Today, the school has become much disciplined,” he pause

The members of the association also organized themselves and contributed 20, 000 and with the support of the county deputy governor Prof. Charles Ngome governor and area MP Dr. Eseli Simiyu, the school has a lot of water.

The chairperson further noted that the association has kept out of politics and only seeks assistance from leaders in position to avoid any political influence in the school.

“We have our area MP who has been very supportive. At no point have we sought assistance from other politicians because we don’t want the school to be influenced by politics, “

Mr. Makhakha urged other professionals to come back to their communities and support their local communities especially in academic matters.

“Let us not only invest where we work but also where we came from. It is our duty to look back at our local villages and schools and support them,”he said.

The school principal Mr. Stephen Akoto appreciated the efforts of the old boys, saying that the association has had a positive impact on the institution and is still working to ensure Naitiri boys realizes its full potential.

“ The alumni strongly supported us especially in terms of infrastructure. With the help of the deputy governor Charles Ngome, they ensured the school has access to water,” he paused

The principal continued, “The former students have also helped in motivating our students during Alumni days and this really changed the attitude of our students. The old boys have always been positive and it is through their support that we have reached this far”.

Mr. Akoto attributed the good results to hard work from students, teachers, parents and old boys.

“People played their role well. Our motivated students worked hard and our teachers also ensured they finish syllabus on time so we had enough time for revision.

Asked about the school target this year, Mr. Akoto said that they are targeting a mean of 7 and the school is already on toes to achieve that.

“This year, we are targeting a mean of 7 and as a school, we are already on course to achieve that,” he noted.