Police Officer accused of shooting man dead

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Police in Bungoma County are investigating an incident where a police officer allegedly shot and killed a middle aged man.

Dan Fungututi is said to have been shot on Wednesday march 04, 2020 at his house in Miyanga village, Bumula sub-county in Bungoma County.

Bumula sub-county police commander Steven Obara confirmed the incident, saying that his office received the report on Wednesday at 9:10 p.m.

Obara told the press that the wife to the deceased had reported the matter to the police that her husband (the deceased) had beaten her up and threatened to kill her.

The officers on duty escorted Mrs. Fungututi to her home to get some clothing since she had run to the police naked.

“The officers told me they had escorted the deceased’s wife to get some clothes because she was naked,” said Mr. Obara

When the officers arrived at his home, the deceased attacked one of the officers with a spear, hurting the officer.

He added that the police officer reported that he was defending himself and accidentally shot the man who died on the spot.

“The officer was attacked in the process of defending himself, shot Mr. Fungututi,” noted the police commander.

The police commander asked the residents to be calm as they await police report after investigation.

He also urged the resident to surrender any information that may be useful in the investigation process.

Benard Wafula,a neighbour, told the press that the deceased had been having issues with the wife, and wondered why Mrs. Fungututi chose to involve the police in solving family issues.

“My neighbour had issues with his wife before this incident. What I don’t understand is the reason she sought help from the police when we have a village elder who could solve the matter in a better way,” he lamented.

Another neighbour also condemned the killing, saying it was unjust and the police should speed up the investigations to unveil some hidden information.

The body was taken to Bungoma county referral hospital by the police.

The wife to the deceased is still held in police custody for interrogations.