Behind the title, “Pastor wa machokoraa

Pastor Mukolwe(in blue t-shirt) with some of the street children


What started as a mere literal dream turned out to be a passion and job that entitled Joseph Mukulwe to different name, “pastor wa machokoraa”

In 2002, Joseph Mukolwe dreamt that he passed by a dumpsite and heard children crying for help.

“ To me it was an ordinary dream and when I woke up I told my wife who also took it lightly ,” he started.

In 2005, pastor Mukolwe had plans to go to Canada but the plans failed and he was disappointed and frustrated,

Amid these frustrations, he sought consolation from a Bishop in Bungoma who told Mr. Mukolwe that God can still use him to do greater things in Bungoma.

“ I was very frustrated. I decided to seek consolation from a Bishop whose words gave me a reason to continue staying in Bungoma,” said Mr. Mukolwe

His dream started manifesting itself in 2008 when he came across a dumpsite and saw several street boys struggling for remnants in the dumpsite.

“What I saw took me back to my dream in 2002. I really sympathized with those boys and I developed love for the street boys,” he paused

He continued “this scenario reminded me of the dream and I knew God wanted me to do something about it, “

It was in 2009 that pastor Mukolwe started walking in the streets of Bungoma, meeting the street boys, talking to them, washing them and playing football with them.

This went on until 2014 when two of the street boys pressurized Mr. Mukolwe that they want to go to school.

“This was a bit challenging because I did not have a place to accommodate them. I talked to a friend who accommodated them and they enrolled at South End Academy”.

According to Mr. Mukolwe, the county government of Bungoma through the ministry of Gender and social services offered him a room in 2014 where he could meet the street boys every Sunday and minister to them.

“The county government came in so handy. The more I ministered to the boys, the more I developed the passion to make their lives better,” he said

On 1st February 2015, the boys were relocated to Sikata where the pastor had started an orphanage that could accommodate 30 of them.

“The number was increasing and I had to get a bigger room and that was when I decided to start an orphanage at Sikata,”

According to him, the boys are hardworking, talented and very promising.

“The school going boys are a gift to the schools and the entire society. There is one who joined Sikata primary school last week and is now a class prefect. The teachers tell me they are passionate about learning and are very promising,” he noted.

Mr. Mukolwe urged the community to avoid condemning street children, saying that it is not their wish to stay in the street but have been forced by circumstances.

“No child enjoys street life. It is because of mistreatment by step mothers and fathers, lack of love at home, threats from guardians and spiritual reasons that these children opt to live on the streets. No one should condemn them” said Mukolwe.

Responding to the issue about the name pastor wa machokoraa, Mukolwe said it is the best title he has ever held in his life.

“ I am a very proud “pastor wa machokoraa” . My love for the street children make me proud of that name,” he said.