Why Lwakhakha-border still remains a territory for investment

Lwakhakha border town



The greatest hurdle of every entrepreneur before establishing or even when expanding an investment is to find a suitable place that accommodates the trade because location is key for its prosperity.

Experts have reacted to this differently with some proposing that locating an area for a specific commercial enterprise is vital and others opposing it, instead some say there are commercials that will definitely alert patronages on the existence of a business.

Moses Kimani, a businessman who owns a restaurant in Lwakhakha-near Kenya Uganda boarder, in Bungoma gives a story of his journey in business.

“Locating a place for a business sometimes may consume a lot of time,in addition, Curiosity and scrupulousness is needed to acquiescently find a favorable location for your business.” Kimani said

He  said that before he invested at Lwakhakha, his business never picked up until he changed from passive to active investor.

After some time and with frequent consultation from experts, he resolved to go for a Momentum Strategy where he says he committed a lot money on the most recent selling commodities and services, forgetting about changing seasons.

The enterprise gnawed his mind to an extent of almost giving up on carrying on with business despite selling a car to boost it and still operating at a loss.

“I almost blamed my woes to witchcraft and superstition.” He said.

He further explains that this made him to close down the business adding that it was the hardest time in his business life as friends laughed and made fun of him.

“At this time, decision making was a difficult thing as I saw no light for my business and almost believed that business was only a God given gift, perhaps not my portion.” He said.

After a long time of struggle in thoughts and meekly consulting, Kimani finally met his hidden fortune.

He had a friend who resided at Lwakhakha who informed him about this fruitful location, which could support a variety of businesses.

“I was at surge of my happiness and consented to revert to trading when I heard of this opportunistic place and came here, sojourned and experienced myself.” He said.

With the help of a loan, he acquired from bank, Kimani purchased the land cheaply, set up the building of which now it is among the best restaurants in town.

When he was asked of what exactly made him abandoned home-based location trading which under normal circumstances seemed easier to maintain and attract customers, he earnestly said it was the best place to be citing population among key factors.

“Considering population demographies, the area has many individuals who are set to consume products and services brought around.” He explained.

He ascertained that, the aspect of the place being at the boarder of Kenya and Uganda, there are many people from both countries who require goods and services.

“This place has bus stops, parking spots, gas stations plus other social amenities which are requisite for conditions for investors and customers hence good for setting up competitive businesses.” He said.

He also adds that communication, power and security are well catered for and security is well catered for by the two countries.

His sentiments were reiterated by Mary Wambui, an entrepreneur by profession and an investor who said that the place can accommodate over 60 percent of the types of businesses-is commercial, mobile, retail and others.

“ On the side of infrastructure, the road connecting Lwakhakha to Chwele was tarmacked hence moving off items is made easier and more efficient.” She said.

During an interview with civil servants in the area, it was probed that wages are not enough for a better living therefore an additional side hustle should be incooperated preferably investing pointing out the need to engage in business.

“Holding on in the line of business, the government of Kenya under the regime of president Uhuru Kenyatta established a migration office at the place which enables transaction between the two countries efficient.” Said one of the experts in the area.

With an increasing number of people who are going for trading, having best place to start a business is core.