BBI is Malicious, warns 105-year old Bungoma resident

Isaac Wakoli at his home in Makhutu village

The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) continue to elicit controversial reactions after it was launched at the Bomas of Kenya on November 27, 2019.

105-year old Isaac Wakoli Siundu, a resident of Makhutu village in Bumula subcounty in Bungoma County who was a veteran chief during the post-colonial era has spoken his mind on the current debates on constitutional amendment.

Wakoli was born in 1915 and worked with the government of Kenya after the country attained independence.

Despite his age, he is still passionate about the leadership of the country and could not be left behind in the current  BBI issue.

“This is such a crucial topic that I cannot ignore,” he said.

According to Mzee Wakoli, partriotism is fading away and most leaders today are after selfish gains and not the interests of the people.

“During the times of Moi and Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, there was unity and every one respected the president. Today, leaders at all levels take advantage of their electorates for personal gains,” he said.

He asked Kenyans to be keen on the BBI issue, saying politicians want to use the proposal for selfish gains.

“It is unfortunate that our leaders want to politicise the BBI issue. As Kenyans, we need to be keen and avoid being swayed by the people we elected to represent us,”

He particularly cautioned on the clause that proposes a mixed cabinet which will draw its membership from the national assembly and technocrats.

“Such a proposal is very dangerous in a devolved country. Leaders will use this chance to paralyze development at grassroot levels,” he warned

He added that the president is a symbol of national unity and creating the post of an executive prime minister will provoke disunity in the country” he said.

“As a much as a leaders should not take everything, but one must be accorded the benefits of being elected by the people,” said wakoli.

When asked about luhya unity, Wakoli warned the luhya leaders against being compromised by upcoming leaders who will cause more division in Mulembe nation.

“Western Kenya is capable of producing a president. Luhya leaders ought to avoid hand outs and stand firm to make mulembe nation United,” he urged.

He asked politicians to leave BBI for kenyans to read and make a sound decision without being influenced by politics.