Politicians should leave BBI to Kenyans, says USA ambassador

US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter and Bungoma county governor Wycliffe Wangamati

United States of America wants Kenyan politicians to leave the Building Bridges Initiative to Kenyans and avoid hijacking the proposal for their own selfish benefits.

Addressing the press outside Bungoma governor’s office on Monday, US ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter said that Kenyans are the ones who should own and carry out the process.

“Kenyans should not allow politicians to control the BBI process. BBI is for Kenyans and not politicians,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to have an honest conversation about the matter so that the process benefits all Kenyans and not a few individuals in power.

The ambassador emphasized the need for peaceful conversations and that Kenyans should not allow politicians to divide them and cause unnecessary tension in the country.

“Kenyans should not allow themselves to be divided by politicians. The whole process should be carried out peacefully for Kenyans to enjoy the fruits of the initiative,” said the ambassador.

He also mentioned that the USA is in full support of Kenya in ensuring successful fight against Alshabaab, saying that the security situation in Kenya affects his country as well.

He further said that USA is fully devoted in supporting Kenya in health, education and agribusiness in a bid to change lives of Kenyans.

According to Kyle, devolution brings development to its people and is more transparent and should be the key pillar in BBI.

“It is through devolution that transparency and accountability is exercised. Governments that support devolution brings development to its people and we believe devolution is here to stay” he said.

The US ambassador appreciated the efforts of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati especially the scholarship programme, saying that it is the best way the government can invest in its people.

Bungoma county governor Wycliffe Wangamati echoed the words of the ambassador and promised to partner with USA to ensure children of Bungoma have access to good education and achieve their goals in life.

“The county government of Bungoma will partner with USA in the recently launched scholarship programme so that the dreams of brought but needy students are not killed,” said Wangamati.

He also assured resident of Bungoma that all governors are working to ensure BBI is successful and is for the benefit of Kenyans.

“As governors, we are committed to ensure the success of BBI and will see to it that it is Kenyans who benefit from the initiative and not politicians,” said the governor.