Western political leaders should unite, Bungoma Religious Leaders Say

Bishop George Mechumo

Religious leaders in Bungoma County have condemned the political division that is witnessed in western region.

Led by Bungoma Diocese ACK Bishop George Mechumo, religious leaders mentioned that the political leaders are supposed to foster unity and not to divide them as what Western region political leaders are demonstrating.

The leaders who spoke at Nzoia guest house during the BBI consultative forum urged leaders to put aside their political differences and work together as leaders who were elected to serve the people and avoid focusing on personal interests.

Mechume urged politicians to desist from political competition, saying that it is the striven political rivalry that is misleading people in western Kenya.

“The moral values of our children today are waning because of the influence from our political leaders. We need to empower people to think about the future by incorporating vision for western,” the church leader noted.

Bishop Mechumo said that the leaders should unite so that the people of Bungoma have a common course and embrace each other as people of the mulembe nation.

“We cannot keep talking about luhya unity in the media without walking the talk. Let us change the tune, work together, speak together and deliver together,” said Mechumo

He further urged political leaders to work together with religious leaders to fight corruption and cultivate a culture of transparency and accountability

“Corruption is something that we need to fight and we need to seek God to help us fight this menace that is making our nation lag behind. The BBI has a section that addresses the issue of corruption and I believe the best people to implement this is our leaders,” he paused

He continued,”corruption is an enemy of the people and the nation and unless we all unite to fight against it, resources will continue being looted” he said.