Well-wisher takes Bokoli Residents to seek medication of an unknown disease

Alice Nekesa at Bungoma County Referral Hospital waiting to be treated. she lost her husband to the same disease

Bungoma Liberation group led by Nairobi based Business man Zachariah Barasa Siuma has mobilized resources and ferried at least 140 residents of Sawa Village in Webuye subcounty to seek treatment of a strange disease at Bungoma County Referral Hospital.

The disease has killed at least four people in the area since September and has put the residents in a panic mood as medical practitioners within the county have experienced challenges addressing the problem.

The disease has raised a lot of concerns from residents of Sirandafu, Sawa and Maloo villages and it is believed that the affected drank contaminated water from a spring.

The county director of health Dr. Johnstone Akatu said that the health workers will diagnose the disease and contain it to minimize spreading.

According to Dr. Akatu, the presence of a quarry in Sawa village is the main cause of the disease since it is a breeding area for mosquitoes leading to spread of Malaria.

He added that samples of the contaminated water had been taken for analysis and clarified that the situation has been contained, urging residents to rely on piped water until the wells are decontaminated when rains subside.

“Residents of the affected areas should stop using water from springs until we decontaminate it” he said

Lilian Itebele, a member of the liberation group said that many families have been affected and some of them have been forced to sell property in a bid to treat an unknown disease.

She blamed the county government of Bungoma for sluggishness in addressing the problem that has put residents to suffering for two months.

“It is unfortunate that the county government is aware that people are suffering but can do nothing about it. The county should know what to handle as an emergency”, she said.

Irine Nekesa, one of the patients said that the disease has affected her whole family, making them to exhaust the little money they had to seek medical attention without much success.

“My husband, I and all my ten children are sick. We had to use the little resources we had to seek medical attention but we have not noticed any changes because we did not even know what we were treating,” said Nekesa.

Patients at the hospital revealed that they experience persistent headache, back pains, sweating, vomiting, diarrhoea and dizziness.

The County Public Health Officer Moses Wambusi had earlier refuted claims that the two people who passed on at Sawa village suffered from the pandemic.

However, Mr. Wambusi today confirmed that he is aware of 16 people who are hospitalized at Bokoli health facility and attributed the disease to drinking of contaminated water.

“Sixteen people have been treated for malaria and typhoid which is brought by drinking contaminated water at Bokoli health centre, “he noted.