North Eastern Leaders Reject Census Results


A section of North- Eastern leaders led by National Assembly majority leader Aden Duale have faulted the recently released census results.

Addressing the press outside parliament buildings on Wednesday, the leaders rejected the national census results that were released on Monday, saying the results are false and were cooked by the government.

“”You cannot stop the tyranny of numbers. You cannot stop human beings walking on the streets. The game is not played in the boardrooms but the bedroom,” said the majority leader

Duale said that these results do not reflect the actual remuneration and that the government is only trying to sustain its tyranny.

“Don’t think you can control the tyranny of numbers and you should not imagine that you can cook numbers in this country,” the majority leader said.

He added that the government should open the servers and put the raw data to the public.

“If you have too many men who do they marry? Do they marry themselves? We want the raw data and server opened,” he added.

According to Duale, the results released are just the data used for pre-census mapping and not a true reflection of the Kenyan population

He argues that leaders want to use these results to take advantage of other communities by taking most of the county’s resources to specific regions hence marginalizing others.

“Someone wants to create a scenario where some people will be marginalised and take our resources to certain regions,” said the legislator.

The MP also said that the results are illogical since they show a negative population growth in Mandera compared to the 2009 census.

“The results denote a n increase by 80,000 people in the whole county for 10 years which is quite unrealistic,” Said the majority leader

Aden Duale also raised concerns about the ministry that is responsible for carrying out the census, noting that the exercise should have been carried out by the ministry of treasury and planning and not the interior ministry.

On his part, Wajir Governor Mohamud Abdi said the funds spent on the census were wasted and called for the auditing of the whole exercise.

“The exercise was a sham and must be audited” he stated.

His Garissa counterpart Ali Korane said his county risks losing Mbalambala constituency if the current results are maintained.

The results were released on Monday, revealing that Kenya stands at 47.5 million people

Of the 47.5m, 23 million are men while 24 million are women and 1, 524 are intersex.

The most populous counties include Nairobi, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kakamega and Bungoma while the least populous are Lamu, Isiolo, Samburu, Tana River and Taita Taveta counties.

It is also the first census to be conducted under the 2010 constitution.

President Uhuru said this report provides an opportunity for the government to re-align its development policies and programs.

The exercise took place between August 24 and 31.